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Battlegrounds are where PvP battles occur in the open world.[1] These are open world PvP zones that flag players as Combatants (purple).[2]

Non-combatant (green) players entering an open world battleground are automatically flagged as combatants and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving that battleground.[4]

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[5]

Our castle system, our sieges against nodes, the caravan system, battlegrounds that exist, guild wars: We want there to be a meaning to this conflict. We want players to actually have some skin in the game when it comes to participating in PvP.[6]Steven Sharif

Caravan PvP

Караваны create an open PvP zone that flags players for combat (purple).[8]

  • Players will be able to state their intentions to attack, defend or ignore via a user interface window.[9][10][11]
    • The proximity that the UI window appears is determined by the player's performance as either a defender or an attacker in previous raids.[9]
  • A group will be required to successfully attack a caravan.[12][13]
  • A caravan will persist in the world for a period of 5 to 10 minutes from the time its owner logs out or is disconnected from the server.[14]

It's still intended from a design standpoint to be a window that is presented to the player based on proximity; and that proximity it can be greater depending on your performance as either a defender or an attacker in previous raids.[9]Steven Sharif

Hunting grounds

Hunting grounds are open-world PvP corruption-enabled areas that encompass most of the map.[15]

One of the interesting components of Ashes of Creation and our flagging system is that it presents the potential for two conflicting parties to have open conflict in the open world over pretty much anything that they may want or disagree with; and if that pertains to a hunting ground, not just the caravan or the castles or the nodes or whatever, it can exist in that area.[18]Steven Sharif

Outside of PvP for certain things like caravans, sieges of nodes and/or castles is that you're going to have those open-world hunting ground fights that may occur. You're going to have resources fights that may occur. You're going to have political fights that may occur between members of guilds; and we're taking the guild politics to a whole new direction in regards to playing those conflicts out.[17]Steven Sharif

Our PvP mechanics follow a flagging system, as well as static PvP zones at certain points of interest; fight for control over cities, castles, caravans, or hunting grounds. Our PvP is designed to offer the players a well-balanced and fair world to shape through the pen, or sword should they choose.[19]

Player flagging

The open world PvP flagging system is designed to deter people from griefing other players.[20]

  • Players can participate in open world PvP with one another without having to resort to murder.[21]
  • The penalties are intended to be severe enough to deter any type of spawn camping.[22]

pvp flagging diagram.png

There are three levels of flagging for world PvP in Ashes of Creation.[4]

  • Non-combatant (green)
  • Combatant (purple)
    • Non-combatants entering an open world battleground are automatically flagged as combatant and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving that battleground.[4]
    • Players are flagged as combatants if they attack another player when carrying out a forced attack. If the attacked players fight back, they are also flagged as combatants, otherwise the attacked player will remain flagged as a non-combatant.[23]
    • Non-combatants who heal, buff or otherwise interact with combatants will be flagged as combatants.[25]
    • Non-combatants who attack a player using combat pets (or any other player-controlled entities) will be flagged as combatants.[26]
    • Players can kill combatants without repercussions, and are encouraged to do so, since dying while a combatant has reduced death penalties.[23]
    • Players are not able to manually set their flagging status to combatant.[27]
    • Players remain flagged for a period of 90 seconds following their most recent attack on a non-combatant or another combatant.[28]
    • Players cannot log out while flagged.[29]
  • Corrupt (red)
    • If a combatant player kills a non-combatant player, they will be flagged as corrupt.[20]
    • Corruption multiplies death penalties and reveals a corrupt player's location to bounty hunters.[20]
    • A player’s corruption score increases with each non-combatant player killed.[4]
    • If a non-combatant attacks a corrupt player, the non-combatant will not flag as a combatant.[23]
    • Corrupted players may kill bounty hunters without acquiring additional corruption score.[30]
    • There is a 60 second timer to logout while corrupt.[29]

A player may not flag on members of the same party, raid, guild or alliance.[31]

  • Players will be able to opt-in (via a checkbox) to allow their beneficial or non-beneficial AoEs to hit flagged players. If this is checked then AoE heals or damage will affect flagged players. If it is not checked then the AoE will not damage or heal any flagged players, and as such will not cause the caster to be flagged themselves (if they are not already).[32]

If you have that check-box for flagging with your AOEs and heals available then you will flag. If you do not have that box checked then on completion of the skill it will not flag you because the check was made at the start that there was a flagged party member; and then he will not he or she will not receive the beneficial effect as a result or the damage, if it's an offensive spell.[32]Steven Sharif

Sieges, caravans and guild wars do not use the flagging system.[33]

You're not going to see griefing in the game very often; and that's because our flagging system. The corruption mechanics are based around disincentivizing a griefer or PKer but still offering the opportunity, should the occasion arise, where the benefits outweigh the risk, you have the ability to do so. If you gain corruption, which is killing a non-combatant - a player who is not fighting back basically - if you gain that corruption, your world has changed. It is not going to be a very beneficial place to be and you have the potential of losing your gear. Your combat efficacy decreases based on the amount of corruption you accrue. It is a comfortable balance between player agency and grief and basically removing player agency for other players.[34]Steven Sharif

Death penalties

We don't have deleveling, instead what we have is experience debt. Now the more experience debt you accrue, the greater the detriment to your character; not to the point where you can not get out of the debt. There will always be a way forward to remove your debt.[34]Steven Sharif

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[5]

There will not be death penalties applied to event-based deaths. The penalties are in the outcome of the event. So your number of deaths is likely going to impact your ability to win that particular event and that's going to be the penalty. This is it to encourage players to opt in to the events right because the more participation we have the more fun it can be; and we understand that the community at large- there's already a risk versus reward component to these events. We don't need to stack on additional risk versus reward to inhibit kind of- to increase the barrier to entry for players who may not be as interested.[5]Steven Sharif

Death penalties do not differ between PvP and PvE, but this is subject to change.[47]

Death by drowning is possible.[48]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale lobby screen.[49]

In Apocalypse you have a scene where you have a squad in, or are solo or whatever. That scene will eventually become your house. Your freehold, exactly; and you will earn furniture to place in that freehold and you can build out your house and what-not through special achievements.[50]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale victory screen.[51]

Why did we go with Battle Royale as the first testable arena mode? And the answer for that is honestly, as we're testing and getting people into matches on our servers and testing the replication among players in a battlefield; and making sure that tech is present and capable for hundreds of players on the battlefield: We wanted to have a game mode that was still fun for players to test in: An environment that was fun to test in.[52]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (also referred to BR mode)[53] was a Battle royale testing mode consisting of up to 100 players.[54][55]

  • This is a last man standing PvP combat mode.[56]
  • Weapons and armor found in the world have unique skills associated with them. These interact with the terrain from defensive, offensive and utility standpoints.[56]
  • Players can build buildings and structures such as watchtowers, defensive pillboxes and arcane structures.[56]
  • Everything in the world apart from rocks and trees is destructible.[57]

It's going to have a lot of high octane energy and activity. It's going to be very streamable. It's going to be no NDA. There's going to be a lot of different weapons and skills that were going to be testing. Each of the weapons and armor that you can find in the world are going to have unique spells and skills associated with them that interact with the terrain from a defensive standpoint, from a utility standpoint, from an offensive standpoint. It's going to be able for you to build buildings, complete structures, watchtowers and defensive pillboxes type structures: Arcane structures. You're going to have a lot of fun activity there.[56]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access testing ended on March 10, 2020.[58]


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