Castle sieges

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Alpha-1 castle siege gameplay.[1]

Castle Sieges are intended to be massive events with hundreds of people involved in a single Siege. One of the reasons that Ashes of Creation Apocalypse exists is so we can address the challenges in ramping up the number of bodies that we can handle simultaneously. With our latest test hitting over 200 simultaneous players, we’re ready to push that number even further. Our goal is to have the largest organized PVP battles of any MMORPG.[2]

Guilds participate in Castle sieges in an effort to capture and occupy one of the five guild castles in Ashes of Creation.[3]

  • The minimum goal is for 250x250 players to be on a single battlefield. It is hoped that this can be increased to 500x500 over time.[6]

There may be instanced locations within otherwise open-world castle and node sieges, where specific groups can participate in small, short duration objective-based battles that will affect the overall outcome of the siege.[7]

  • It was previously stated that castle sieges may or may not be (entirely) instanced in the final game.[8]

What we were talking about was how during castle sieges or node sieges, you're going to have certain instanced locations where it's only going to be a group that's designated to participate versus another group while the siege is happening. And I know in the past we talked about well how do you plan to incorporate these more objective-based waypoints as part of these larger events; and say that not only is it going to be a complement of numbers or in the overall grand kind of battle perspective, but there's also going to be opportunities for smaller more niche groups to participate in more focused objective capturing. And a part of that is going to be small very short, kind of ten minute long instanced battles where groups can go and participate against other groups that are defender versus attacker; and the outcome of which will influence certain aspects of the overall battle while that's still occurring in the background.[7]Steven Sharif

Each week leading up to the siege week... is a week that's dedicated to one of the three castle dedicated nodes. So around the castle there are three nodes. They represent week, one, two, and three; and then the fourth week is the siege against the castle. Those can only be elevated up to stage three. We've discussed this in the past and there's definitely information out there on the community ran wiki.[12]Steven Sharif

A guild that captures a castle will own that castle for a month before it is sieged again.[12][13]

  • In the first three weeks that a guild occupies a castle they will need to level up each of their castle nodes to Деревня stage through questing.[12][13]
    • Each of the three castle nodes have a siege against it at the end of each of these three weeks.[13][14]
  • The fourth week is declaration week, where other guilds have the opportunity to lay down their declaration flag or to sign up as a defender of the castle.[12][13]
  • Depending on how well the guild defends their castle nodes results in better defenses for the castle.[13][14]
  • Different siege weaponry will grant the attackers the ability to destroy walls, doors and sections of the castle in order to gain access to the inner keep area.[15]
  • When castles change hands (following a siege), some taxes stay with the castle and some stay with the guild.[16]

There will be benefits to attracting people... even if they're not in your guild or alliance – kind of a feudal like system, where you can attract other players who are just independent of this whole politic. They will have things to do there - benefits to receive - and there will be a reciprocal relationship between who you can attract, what they do for you; and how that benefits you and them.[13]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 castle sieges

Предварительный просмотр Alpha-1 замок.[17]
Требушеты в предварительном просмотре Alpha-1 осаждают лагерь атакующих замка.[18]

Осады замков Alpha-1 основаны на осадах замков Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges.[20][11]

  • Игроки смогут присоединиться к гильдиям. Эти гильдии могут зарегистрироваться для участия в осадных событиях.[18]
  • События осады замка будут состоять из сражений 100 на 100, которые будут происходить ежедневно и будут длиться три часа.[18]
  • Атакующие начнут на противоположном конце карты (от обороняющихся).[18]
  • Атакующие смогут использовать требушеты, чтобы подъехать к замку и штурмовать его.[18]
    • У требушетов есть один основной навык, который наносит небольшой урон игрокам и большой урон зданиям.[18]
    • Требушеты будут полностью физическими, когда ими управляют.[18]
  • Когда нападающие пробьют замок, они смогут направить заклинание на реликвию i тронном зале, чтобы попытаться захватить замок у защитников.[18]
  • TПобедители осад замков получат такие преимущества, как плащи, летающие маунты для лидеров гильдии и, возможно, также для офицеров гильдии.[18]
  • Осады замков Alpha-1 находятся в отдельной зоне, доступной через телепорт NPC.[9][10][8]
    В настоящее время зона осады фактически находится в открытом мире, но отделена горами и немного в море. На самом деле в A1 нет подземелий, хотя доступ к зоне осады в A1 будет только через телепорт регистрационного NPC. [9]Steven Sharif
  • Противостоящая команда уведомляется, когда эти рейдовые боссы подвергаются нападению.[20]
  • Команды, которые нанесут последний удар по этим боссам, получат баффы, которые помогут им в осадном бою. [20]

В прошлом году я говорил о попытке включить осады в опыт Alpha One. Это, очевидно, было моей целью, потому что это предоставляет значительные данные и постоянное событие в мире, в котором игроки могут участвовать, чтобы помочь стресс-тестировать развертывание. Что ж, я рад сообщить, что с каждым днем это становится все более и более вероятным! Первоначальная реализация кода осады Апокалипсиса была перенесена в клиент Alpha One, и мы должны начать внутреннее тестирование в следующем месяце. Я оговорю это ожидание тем фактом, что мы сокращаем его немного с точки зрения внутреннего контроля качества, но у меня есть некоторая уверенность в том, что система будет подключена к сети и ее можно будет включить в тест Alpha One в июне месяце. Компонент осады, очевидно, не будет отражать то, какой будет система осады при запуске или даже во второй альфа-версии.[11]Steven Sharif

Guild castles

Guild castle Alpha-1 early preview.[22]

With five Castles in the world, and each having been owned by different civilizations from the far-flung past of Verra, you can expect that each Castle has its own character. Different terrains and different layouts will result in each Castle having its own advantages and disadvantages. Just because you have managed to take one Castle will not mean that your strategies will pan out in the next. Commanders will have to take into consideration the lay of the land, time of day, weather, and even seasons into account when forming their battle plans.[2]

These Castles are occupied when players arrive on Verra, and their current inhabitants will have to be removed before any player can claim them. Castles will be dangerous and high-level raid zones until they can be cleared, and the first group of players to do so will gain the Castle as their reward.[2]

Five guild castles exist in Ashes of Creation.[2][3] Castles will initially be occupied by an NPC adversary. These are the primary antagonists in the storyline.[13]

Castle nodes

Should you be deft enough to take a Castle, you’ll now be responsible for managing it. Castles will have their own Nodes associated with them, and developing and defending those Nodes will determine the state of your Castle during the next siege. If you’ve done a good job managing your kingdom, then you’ll have more and better options available for deployment during the next siege. If you let your populace fall to ruin, you may have to rely solely on your own devices.[2]

Guild castles have three adjacent nodes in close proximity.[3][15]

Once the castle is owned by a guild that's when the supporting castle nodes start to come online and spawn each week prior to the fourth week castle siege. They'll have to form alliances, they'll have to get support, they'll have to get resources, they'll be able to allocate funds that have been collected through taxation in order to strengthen the defenses as well as hiring additional NPC mercenaries.[27]Steven Sharif

Castle nodes are leveled through questing by the owning guild or alliance guilds.[15]

  • Levelling castle nodes is a hastened process compared to regular nodes.[13]
  • At the end of each week leading up to a castle siege there is a period of time in the weekend where NPC generated caravans start moving toward one of the castle nodes carrying castle taxes from the nodes that fall under the castle's purview.[22][28]
    • During this time it is incumbent upon the owning guild, its allies, and citizens of the nodes to escort these caravans to the castle node.[22]
    • The enemies of the guild have incentive to attack these caravans to reap the rewards from the caravan and to sabotage the tax collection, which will reduce the defensive capability of the castle nodes and hence the castle itself.[22][15]
    • Citizens of nodes that fall under the purview of the castle are automatically registered as defenders of these caravans and may not participate in attacks against them.[22]
  • Completing these quests unlocks services and functions that are useful to the occupying guild and its allies as well as boosting the defenses the castle.[15]

If they fail to to level up those nodes or complete those quests within the three prior weeks before the declaration week, then the castle will be at a disadvantage.[15]Steven Sharif

Being a member of the occupying guild automatically makes you a garrison of the castle nodes and castle itself.[3]

  • Only members of the occupying guild are citizens of these nodes.[14]
  • This citizenship is different to normal node citizenship. Castle nodes don't operate like normal nodes.[14][24]

Siege defenses

Castle owners and Mayors will be able to purchase and allocate defense mechanisms to bolster siege defenses.[29][30][31]

Siege balance

There are points of balance that we want to incorporate, such as the defense mechanisms that the defenders have, the types of buffs that are acquired through completing killing the bosses, or capturing control points, the stages before a siege when it comes to those node progressions in the preceding weeks: Those are all going to be balanced considering all things being equal between the two sides. But obviously we're not going to control the state of gear acquisition that one side might have as an advantage over the other. There might be a much better geared team over there. There might be a much better coordinated team. There might be a higher number of individuals who are part of the attacking or the defense. Those are components that we aren't necessarily going to put on railroads so-to-speak. But the aspects of design that we can talk about like the hit point health of a particular wall or door, or mercenaries that can be hired; what's their cost, what's their damage output: Those are things yes we're going to balance. But obviously anything that's player dependent or that has player interaction and activity and determination you can't always balance; and you don't want to balance. Those aspects you leave those to the players.[33]Steven Sharif

Declaring a castle siege

Siege preparation.[34]

Guilds are able to sign up to either siege or defend a castle over a week long declaration period.[27][15]

  • Once a guild registers for the siege a scroll creation quest is initiated that guild members may participate in, and it becomes possible to lay the declaration scroll down as soon as the quest is completed.[35]
    • Multiple guilds may register to attack and the first to complete the scroll and lay down the declaration may begin to have their members register to attack (there will be a cap).[35]
    • The siege scroll deployment is a 5 min rooted cast that alerts the region at the cast initiation and names the caster that must be the guild leader.[35][36]
    • If the guild leader is killed, the casting is interrupted.[37] The scroll will remain until it is recast. It will disappear if it is not cast within the declaration period.[38]
    • The scroll may only be placed in a ring around the castle.[39] The quality of the scroll determines the proximity to the castle.[40]
  • Players don't need to be in the guild that owns a castle in order to sign up for the defense of the castle.[15]
  • The guild leader that owns the castle is able to approve guilds that have applied to defend at the castle.[15]
  • Following declaration, the defender has a week grace period to approve defenders, hire mercenary Неигровые персонажи and set up defensible positions.[27][15]

Siege alliances

When a siege begins, temporary alliances are formed among attackers and defenders.[41]

  • For node sieges, citizens of the node or provincial nodes being attacked are automatically registered as defenders.[42]
  • There are many reasons to participate as an ally in the attack or defence of other nodes.[43]
    • Titles.
    • Items.
    • Materials.
    • Money.
    • Social bonds.

Many incentives exist that can benefit your node and yourself personally by participating in the attack or defense of cities. These range from titles, to items, to materials, to money. Additionally, aiding others may help you strengthen bonds when your assets are threatened.[43]Steven Sharif

Siege participation

Non-registered combatants are not permitted on the siege field in castle or node sieges.[44]

  • Players may choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they are registered.[8][46]
    • Non-registered guilds are not granted the ability to take ownership of the castle if victorious.[8]

Lower level characters will have usefulness in mass combat that does not depend on their level, such as manning siege weapons, helping repair fortifications, bringing proximity-based buffs to key positions, using stealth or scaling walls. These types of things are relevant to the tide of battle and do not require the player to be max-level or have high combat stats.[48]

Server prime-time

Objective-based events such as Осады узлов, Castle sieges, Guild wars, and Node wars will occur within a prime-time window somewhere between 3PM and 9PM server time. This is subject to testing.[4][5][49]


Гоблины нападают на узел в рамках ивента в открытом мире.[50][51]

Сила монстров скалируется в зависимости от развития узла, предоставляя опору для изгнаников или возможность для смены власти.[52]Steven Sharif

Будут проводиться глобальные (серверные) объявления/оповещения о важных событиях.[53]

Уведомления о продвижении узла будут транслироваться в зависимости от стадии узла.[26]

О новых гражданах узла можно объявить в выделенном канале чата граждан узла.[55]

  • Уведомления о выборах будут рассылаться по почте на счета граждан.[55]

Локальные события узлов, такие как караваны объявляться не будут. Они должны будут передаваться из уст в уста самими игроками.[53]

Будь это осадой или сработавшим событием против города или уникальной возможностью для подземелья... Такого типа вещи будут включать оповещения. Особенно граждан города; где вы и будете проинформированы о наступающем событии. В общем, это предоставит вам время.[54]Steven Sharif

Castle siege objectives

As a Siege rages on, there is a sense of territory and progression through the battle. These are represented through Control Points, and each side starts with a few already owned. Others are present, but neutral. As Control Points are captured by one side, that side gains a temporary buff and an increase to their spawn rate. The other side will find that their spawn rate has decreased and their ultimate victory condition has been pushed just a little bit further from their reach. The spawn areas also have a portal which will allow the side that owns it to teleport to any Control Point that side owns - perfect for backdoor shenanigans.[2]

  • Attackers capture waypoints in the castle's architecture to diminish their respawn timer and increase the respawn timer of the defenders.[15]
  • Defenders can counter-play by attacking the siege headquarters of the attackers to diminish their declaration flags and increase their respawn timers.[15]
  • Legendary Неигровые персонажи will be present as commanders that act like mini raid bosses within the defending and attacking armies. Killing these provides added benefits, such as certain types of drops that grant battlefield benefits to either side.[15]
  • The ultimate objective for the defenders is to survive during the timed period of the siege, which is approximately 90 minutes in its first iteration.[15]
  • If the attackers reach the inner keep of the castle, a guild leader (or one other delegated officer) must cast a 3 to 5 minute cast to seal ownership of the castle.[15]
    • Casting time is diminished based on the number of waypoints captured during the siege.[15]
    • There's an opportunity for any guild leader in the attacking alliance to capture the castle for themselves, despite what may have been agreed upon prior to the siege.[56]

There's an opportunity there for perhaps backstabbing in the throne room where one guild is like yeah you know we agreed to get to this area but we had a change of heart in the middle of the battle.[56]Steven Sharif

Siege mechanics

A siege occurs over several phases.[57]

  • Certain siege mechanics may be gated for specific size groups during sieges.[58]
  • There will not be a deserter debuff for leaving a siege before it is complete.[59]
  • More will be revealed in an upcoming blog entry.[57]

Siege weapons

Trebuchet siege weapon in Alpha-1 castle sieges preview.[1]

It wouldn’t be a castle siege without siege weapons. These are massive machines of war that enable attackers to bring down the walls, and defenders to keep their keep safe. Crafters can bring their own powerful schematics to the battlefield, or you can order baseline siege weapons from your friendly neighborhood siege master NPC. The Castle’s defenders will be able to deploy their own defensive weapons and turrets based on how well they maintained and defended their own Nodes. The sky will be illuminated with fire and fury.[2]

Siege weapons are able to be crafted or purchased from Неигровые персонажи.[32]

Part of this endeavor of sieging a player-held location (or non-player-held location) is time to prepare; and that includes gathering and crafting these mega weapons or collecting the resources: Whether it be gold or specific quest items to purchase from NPCs.[32]Steven Sharif

Anything that you want to bring into existence in the world is going to be built by players: Whether that is Ships, Siege engines, Weapons, Armor, etc.[62]Джеффри Бард

There will be ways to repair destructible structures (such as walls and gates) and also repair (or re-craft) siege weapons that were damaged during sieges.[21]

  • This is a long term design goal that will not be present during Alpha-1.[21]

Siege PvP

Sieges don't use the PvP flagging system.[63]

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[64]

Siege NPCs

Siege NPCs serve as defense points. Killing them allows the attackers to gain advantages during a siege.[65] Неигровые персонажи are only killable during a siege and will respawn if the siege is unsuccessful.[66]

NPC guards are intended to be a significant presence but not the main line of defense in a siege.[67]

Mercenary NPCs

Mercenary NPCs can be hired to participate in objective-based situations.[27][68][69]

  • Mayors are able to allocate treasury funding to hire mercenary NPCs to defend their node during sieges.[68]
  • Players can assign these NPCs, but won't micromanage them, in a similar manner to pets.[69]
  • NPC mercanaries can also be hired to participate in castle sieges.[27][27]
    • Mercenaries of different types and strengths may be available to defend caravans during these events based on the allocation made by the governing castle and how successful they have been defending their castle nodes.[26][27]
    • These mechanics are subject to change based on testing and priorities.[26]

There are mercenary NPCs that can be assigned to players. We've discussed about that before and those will follow generically... a kind of pet system even you know adopted majority of the pet system with the added bonus of kind of objective based points of interest that you can assign them to. But we don't want to inundate the field with these mercenaries they'll be kind of few and far between. They'll be assigned specifically like let's say for example you know as the mayor of a node during a siege you'll be able to assign these two specific players that are citizens within your node and then they'll have those they'll spawn during the during the node siege; or vice versa and the castle siege you know guild leaders can assign mercenaries that are available based on the progress of those subsidiary nodes around the castle siege whether or not you have those available to your defense or your attack.[69]Steven Sharif


Dragons are epic flying mounts with strong battle abilities, such as AoE breath attacks, swooping flyby attacks, and others.[70][71]

The dragon will have a lot of capability in PvP. It's primarily its purpose, because as it relates to Castles and the sieges they're in, or Nodes and the sieges they're in. We want dragons to have large scale ramifications against player raids.[71]Steven Sharif


The guild leader of a castle can grant the use of flying undermounts (such as wyrmlings) to guild officers during a castle siege.[73][74][75][76]

  • These may only be granted if the castle nodes are successfully established prior to the siege.[76]
    • Node A grants 1 undermount, Node B grants 2 undermounts, and Node C grants 2 undermounts.[77]
  • This system is subject to change during testing.[77]

Little wyrmlings that you can grant to officers if you're a castle owner, and they can fly around too.[74]Steven Sharif

Siege abilities

Восемь игроков с одинаковым основным архетипом могут объединиться, чтобы создавать огромные эффекты во время осады.[79]

Это тот тип системы, который мы хотим воплотить в жизнь, когда группа с одними и теми же основными архетипами может собраться вместе, чтобы вызвать эффекты, зависящие от индивидуальности каждого архетипа.[79]Steven Sharif


Summoners can collaborate to summon larger summons, such as Golems.[80]

  • A siege summon will have an incremental size based on the number of summoners participating in that summon activity, with a maximum of eight.[81]
  • The number of summoners participating in the summon will determine its overall size.[81]
  • All summoners must be in the same party and the party leader must be a summoner.[82]
    • The party leader initiates the summon and then takes control of it.
    • Once summoned, the party leader cannot be changed.
    • If the party disbands, the summon ends. There will be a grace period to handle disconnects.
    • The party may also contain non-Summoners.

It doesn't have to be just summoners, but it has to be a party led by a summoner with other summoners in it.[82]Steven Sharif


If eight Tank archetypes each use one of their summon wall abilities it might construct a larger wall that can divide two raids in a moment; and would require damage and block skills and abilities for a momentary lapse of battle between those two raids.[84]Steven Sharif


На каждую игру должна быть контригра. Мы часто видим, как осады замков превращаются в фестивали зергов, что не отражает эпические сражения, которые мы хотели бы видеть в Ashes of Creation. Одним из наших основных принципов является то, что выбор имеет значение[85], и это также относится к тактике и стратегии. Хорошо сформулированный план битвы должен преобладать над статами и телами. Зергом, как правило, будет трудно выиграть, и ему можно будет противостоять с помощью осадных орудий, ловушек и другими приемами на поле боя»[2]

Для формирования зергов в игре необходима возможность быстро передвигаться. Значимое время для передвижения предназначено для того, что бы зерги не оказывали сильное воздействие на игровой процесс.[86]

Столкновние были спроектированы таким образом, чтобы во внимание принималось как навыки и способности босса sи состав грппы, так и стратегия и тактика. Zerging|Зерги не испытывают контент. [87] Существует множество разных способов для того что бы усложнить бой для больших групп, не полагаясь на характеристики и не превращая босса в “ губку для урона”.[88]

  • Боссы из рейдов и подземелий бладают специальными механиками и способностями которые игроку нужно будет изучить и выполнять для успешного прохождения.[88] Зерги которые не знают этих механик или не будут их выполнять будут уничтожены.


  • Так же возможны опасности со стороны окружения и AoE эффекты которые будут влиять на бой, например наносить больше урона если рядом находиться большее количество игроков.[88]
  • Так что для гильдий которые хотят видеть большее количество игроков есть как плюсы так и минусы.[89]

Мы прекрасно осознаем то, что не хотим видеть зерги в качестве механик которые используют гильдии для прохождения контента или легких побед в осадах… Существуют специальные механики которые мы разрабатываем, которые будут присутвовать в различных фазах тестирования. Эти механики связаны с пониманием того что некоторые системы не могут быть просто побеждены количеством. [89]Steven Sharif

Механики которые будут поощрять политические интриги будут играть роль в дестабилизации зергов.[56]

Наилучщий способ, котрый я обнаружил в играх в которые я играл раньше, для уничтожения зергов это драма внутри зерга…Это политический конфликт который случается внутри этой большой организации. Если мы предоставим возможность для политического разделения, то это так же обеспечит стабильность чтобы сохранить сервер в дали от менталитета зерга, а так же…Если мы подходим к осаде замка и мы разрушили стены этого замка и я в тронной комнате и мы вот вот скастуем предпоследнюю вещь и в это время я на взводе от всего что происходит и я думаю “к черту, я сделаю это”. Это будет мое, я буду собирать налоги в следующем месяце . И я заберу всю экипировку с замка. Я заберу все… мы хотим подобную политическую интригу в игре.[56]Steven Sharif

Игровой процесс построенный на объектах помогать сбалансировать менталитет зергов.[90]

Я считаю что если ты создаешь балланс опираясь на группы, то в стоит включить в этот балланс функции которые хорошо работают как с точки зрения игрок против игрока, так и с точки зрения игрок против окружающей среды. Наличие классов поддержки, наличие ДД и танков которые могут препятствовать движению и/или создавать узкие места в поле и тому подобное. Я думаю, что хорошо сбалансированный рейд будет работать лучше против не очень хорошо сбаллансированного рейда. И тут во внимание приходит аспект чисел и начинает играть роль мобильность, организованность и тактика руководства. Наличие целей в игровом процессе которые делают данные аспекты важными помогает сбаллансировать менталитет зергов который может присутствовать в гильдиях.[90]Steven Sharif

Инстансы не играют большой роли в ограничении зергов так как в Ashes of Creation 80% контента находится в открытом мире.[7]

  • Некоторые инсты могут находиться в замках и на территориях осад в узлах пределенные группы смогут учавствовать в них проходя через направляющие точки.[7]

Зерги всегда являются проблемой во многих ММОРПГ где никак не контролируется количество участников в событиях в открытом мире. В данном случае инсты являются отличным решением которое дизайнеры могут иногда использовать для ограничения учавствующих игроков. Но основная часть контента в Ashes of Creation, больше 80%, находиться в открытом мире, так что количество инстов лимитированно[7]Steven Sharif

Completing a castle siege

Castle siege gate (portcullis).[91]

A castle siege will last for two hours.[27]

During the two-hour long siege that's when everything changes. The portcullises go down, the gates go down. You'll need siege weaponry. There's going to be specific objectives within the castles that you'll have to conquer and then there'll be- if it's an un-owned castle- it'll need to have a raid boss at the center that gets fought for. Attackers can fight each other during that experience.[27]Steven Sharif

Guild ladder

An inter-guild ladder will rank guilds based on their performance within competitive activities:[92][93]

When the guild participates in guild wars or they participate in sieges, you'll be able to climb the ranks of your inter-guild ladder as well so you get bragging rights amongst your friends.[93]Steven Sharif

Siege aftermath

We’re working on a destruction engine that should help us to make a Castle Siege that feels cinematic and visceral. Having shards of the walls tumble to the ground after a trebuchet scores a hit will feel satisfying in a way no other Castle Siege has been able to offer in an MMORPG like this. Maybe you don’t need to take down the whole wall, maybe if you blow open a big enough hole, that’ll be enough to turn the tides.[2]

Rubble will be visible for a period of time following a successful castle siege. This will likely persist until the incumbent guild develops the first defensive node.[94]

Destructible environments

Destructible environments is a core element of how players interact with the world, in Ashes of Creation.[96][97]

We want destruction to be a very core element of how players make their way through the world.[97]Steven Sharif

There will be ways to repair destructible structures (such as walls and gates) and also repair (or re-craft) siege weapons that were damaged during sieges.[21]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges are a planned Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing mode that aims to test castle siege mechanics.[101]

The Castle Siege mode is another example of a playable slice of the MMORPG that Apocalypse is providing early testing for. While it’s a somewhat smaller scale experience than the one you’ll have in the MMO, the overall flow of taking and defending a castle will remain similar. There’s some additional systems you’ll see in the final product, like the influence of Nodes over the available defensive emplacements, the crafting and deploying of custom siege weapons, and the summoning of siege monsters. These are all things that we’ll be adding on top of this mode upon our release of Ashes of Creation.[103]Margaret Krohn

A potential Alpha-1 implementation of Castle sieges in the MMORPG is based on Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges.[11]

Карты режима осады замка Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

Осады замков в Ashes of Creation Apocalypse происходят на карте размером 1 км2 (один квадратный километр).[103]

В Ashes of Creation MMORPG предусмотрено пять замков. Вероятнее всего, со временем в режиме осады замка Ashes of Creation Apocalypse также появится пять карт с замками.[108]

11 января 2019 мы продемонстрировали первый взгляд на дизайн двух карт для режима осады, которые вскоре появятся в Ashes of Creation Apocalypse - Замок Корган, прежними владельцами которого были люди Эла, и Замок Мильнар, построенный великими гномами Дюнзенкелль. Эти величественные замки Верры были опорными пунктами обороны владевших ими Империй. Прежде они служили полями боя для легендарных битв, меняющих расклад сил и влияния на Верре. Ныне брошенные армиями, бежавшими с Верры через Божественные Врата, эти столпы цивилизации станут полями боя во время Апокалипсиса.[103]Маргарет Крон

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege mechanics

Dünzenkell Dwarven and Aelan Human objective torches.[111]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle siege objective torch. The bowl fills with flames colored to match the team that captures the objective.[111]
Reliquary concept art.[112]

The Attacking Team’s victory condition is to take the Defending Team’s Relic which is the final Control Point in the castle.They will also have several Control Points located in their camp to encourage Defenders to skirmish outside the castle walls. These will also act as spawn locations for the Attacking Team.[103]Margaret Krohn

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges will be objective-based.[101]

A player elects to be either an attacker or defender.[113][103]

  • The matchmaker will attempt to assign a player their selected side (referred to as role in the article) but it may allocate another side so as to shorten queue times.[103]
  • Once in the match, a player's side will not change.[103]

Players select one of the six classes prior to battle.[113]

  • Players can see the numbers of players in their raid who have selected each class.[114]
  • Players will have a limited amount of time to lock in their class choice. If they miss the window, the least selected class choice will be automatically chosen for them.[103]
  • There is no limit to the number of a specific class that may be on a team, however the developers note that composition will be important from a strategic perspective.[103]
  • Classes cannot be swapped during a match, but this may change based on testing.[103]

There will be a timeframe for preparation where attackers and defenders take positions and prepare weaponry.[113]

  • Siege weaponry will include ballistas, trebuchets, battering rams and potentially traps and "powder keg" type weapons.[113]

When you join into the castle siege in Apocalypse you're going to be able to select one of six classes. Right and upon selecting those classes then you're going to be placed on your starting side, whether it be the attacker or defenders; and then you're going to be able to start preparations. It's gonna be a little bit of a loading time where you have selected those classes. You're going to take positions perhaps and whatnot; and there are siege weaponry that's going to be present there as you see here some ballistas, some trebuchets, a battering ram and maybe some traps and some powder keg kind of stuff available to destroy some things.[113]Steven Sharif

Attacking team

In the first phase of battle the attackers attempt to penetrate the walls and gates to gain access to the inside of the castle.[113][115]

  • Siege weapons available to the attacking side include Trebuchets and Battering Rams.[103]

There will be a variety of siege weapons available to the Attacking side including Trebuchets and Battering Rams. Trebuchets’ range will be long enough to reach the enemy ballistas from their initial placement points. These placement points will be out of player character’s weapon range from the castle walls, but within ballista range, and scattered on the battlefield.[103]Margaret Krohn

Once inside the castle, the attackers need to hold objectives.[113]

  • There are objectives within the castle, such as killing guard captains.[101]
  • Attackers must destroy key strategic objectives to swing the battle in their favor.[102]
  • Defenders must protect key strategic objectives to maintain advantage.[102]
  • Holding capture points increase or decrease the duration of the map, change the opposing side's respawn times and give buffs to the side that holds them.[113][101]
    • Players can also respawn on capture points that they hold.[113]

The ultimate objective of the attackers is to reach the center keep of the castle to channel on the final relic that's present in order to achieve victory.[115]

Defending team

The defenders are attempting to hold out as long as possible, but they can also rush the field to the enemy encampment or headquarters to attempt to damage their ability to siege.[115]

  • Attempt to take out attacker's siege weapons.[115]
  • Attempt to capture attacker's control points to increase their spawn time and decrease the total match time.[115]

If a Defender captures an Attacker’s Control Point, the total match time decreases, the Attacker Teams’ respawn time increases, and it also provides a temporary morale buff to the entire Defender’s side. Defenders will also be able to teleport to any Control Points that have been taken.[103]Margaret Krohn

Siege weapons available to the defending side include Ballistas and Traps.[103]

Ballistas will have fixed positions on castle towers. Traps will be placeable items that the Defending Team can use to damage and crowd control their enemies. Note that these items are destructible by the Attacking Team.[103]Margaret Krohn


Players have infinite lives in castle siege mode.[103]

  • Upon death, players join a respawn queue shared with their teammates.[103]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment.[116]

As a thank you, we wanted to share a little sneak peek of one of the siege weapons awaiting the players in our upcoming Castle Sieges Mode![116]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment includes ballistas, trebuchets, battering rams and potentially traps and "powder keg" type weapons.[113]

  • Siege weapons available to the attacking side include Trebuchets and Battering Rams.[103]
  • Siege weapons available to the defending side include Ballistas and Traps.[103]
  • Siege weapons are deployable and piloted by players.[102]

With regards to alpha one phase one however in the castle siege system... what will happen is static siege equipment that's placed in the map for the attackers to utilize that will present at focal points of PvP in the match where defenders will know where to target a specific area on the field in order to attack. [61]Steven Sharif


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