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An encampment (also referred to as Camp[3]) is the second stage of node advancement.[2]

Once an Expedition becomes an Encampment, the group of NPCs grows in number, and more semi-permanent structures are in place. The Development Area feels a little more lived-in at this level, occupied with what people could build with wagons and simple tools - larger tents, smokehouses, and buildings constructed from local materials.[4]Margaret Krohn

Прогресс узлов

Деятельность(квесты, сбор ресурсов, рейды и т.д.) граждан и прочих игроков внутри зоны влияния узла засчитывается в пользу развития этого Узла.[5] Существует шесть стадий развития узла.[5]

  1. Привал (Несколько часов)
  2. Лагерь (Много часов)
  3. Деревня (Несколько дней)
  4. Городок (Много дней)
  5. Город (Несколько недель)
  6. Метрополис (Много недель)
Концептуальная иллюстрация. Узлы, которые находятся в зоне влияния более развитых узлов ограничиваются уровнем ниже чем у более развитого Узла.[6]

Развитие узла открывает его уникальный контент, цена этому - ограничение прогресса кольца соседних узлов. [7]

  • Узлы быстро развиваются до первой стадии. Это открывает такие сервисы NPC как торговцев или доступ к хранилищу предметов.[8]
  • Чем развитее узел, тем больше его зона влияния.[2]
  • Менее развитые узлы (так называемые вассальные узлы) которые находятся в зоне влияния более развитого Узла все еще получают опыт, но должны будут остановиться в развитии на более нижней стадии чем более развитый узел.[6]
  • Узел не будет получать опыт от узлов в своей зоне влияния пока те не достигнут своего предела в развитии.[6]
  • Игроки автоматически перемещаются в безопасное место если они находятся в пространстве которое должны занять новые здания при развитии узла в момент их появления.[9]
  • Граждане одного узла могут вносить свой вклад в развитие других узлов.[10]
  • Точный процент прогресса узла от получения предметов или убийства монстров не будет явно указан во избежание "игр" с системой. [11]

Разные люди вкладывают в развитие узлов разные ресурсы и это было бы немного неправильно если бы вы точно знали что необходимо, потому что это бы уменьшило желание людей участвовать. [11]Стивен Шариф

Vassal nodes

Узлы greater than stage 3 (Village) enslave nearby nodes, converting them into vassal nodes.[12]

  • Vassal nodes must remain one node stage below their parent node.[12]
    • Vassal nodes first apply any experience earned to their own deficit (see Node atrophy). It then applies excess experience earned to its parent node.[4]
    • If the parent node advances, the vassal is once again able to advance.[12]
  • Vassal nodes give excess experience to their parent node and may have their own vassals; so long as they fall within the parent node’s zone of influence.[12]
    • If a node is capped and is both a vassal and has its own vassals, any experience earned from itself or its Vassals is first applied to its own deficit. Experience beyond that is then sent to its parent node.[4]
  • Vassals are subject to the government, alliances, wars, taxes, and trade of their parent node, and are able to receive federal aid from them.[12]
  • Vassal nodes cannot declare war on their parent node or any of their vassals.[12]
  • Citizens of vassals are bound by the diplomatic states of the parent node.[12]

If a Node is a Vassal Node and is capped from advancing further, it first applies any experience earned to its own deficit (see Node Atrophy section), and then applies excess experience earned to its Parent Node. If the Parent Node advances and the Vassal is able to grow, it becomes uncapped. If a Node is capped and is both a Vassal and has its own Vassals, any experience earned from itself or its Vassals is first applied to their own deficit. Any experience beyond that is then sent to its Parent Node.[4]Margaret Krohn

Node development

Racial architecture styles in an Alpha-0 village node. Empyrean Elven influence (top). Kaelar Human influence (bottom).[13]

The layout and architecture within a Node’s development area are determined by influential race. For example, a stage 3 Node with the majority of player contribution being Py’rai would have a Py’rai village with Py’rai architecture. Most NPCs would be Py’rai elves, and offer questlines within the Py’rai narrative.[12]Margaret Krohn

Each player’s contributed experience is flagged with their character race and other identifiers. When a Node advances, the race with the highest experience contribution determines the Node’s style and culture. This style and culture change can happen at every Node Stage. For example, if a Node advances to Level 2 - Encampment Stage and 51% of all experience was earned by Ren’Kai players, the Node will be a Level 2 Ren’Kai Node. If that same Node advances to a Level 3 - Village Stage Node, but the Py’Rai contributed 62% of all the experience earned, then the Node will be a Level 3 Py’Rai Node. Cultural influences bring more than just the aesthetic and storyline changes - benefits are granted to the dominant culture within that Node’s Zone of Influence.[4]Margaret Krohn

Node layout and style is determined by several factors:[14]

Some parts are determined by the area it's in. Some parts are determined by the type it is. Some parts are determined by the race it is; and then the rest of it is determined by the mayor.[14]Джеффри Бард

All nodes whether they're associated with a castle or associated with normal node structure has cultural influences that replicate over to the buildings that are produced and the NPCs that are present.[17]Стивен Шариф

There is an attrition mechanic that affects experience and influence to curb a single race from dominating the entire world.[18]

There is an attrition and that attrition on experience and influence is heightened based on the performance of the race in the world. So if all these nodes are Orc nodes then their attrition rate is very high to compete with the cultural establishment of new nodes because they have more influence in the world and a popular opinion is against them in their outlying regions that they do not have influence in.[18]Стивен Шариф

Monster coin events

Legion monster coin events are common events that occur for Узлы up to the Village stage. This might include a horde of zombies rolling across the countryside finding something or someone to feast on. Players who wish to keep their advancements will need to be vigilant.[19]


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