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House plants may be available as housing decor items.[3]

  • The developers have discussed potentially adding mechanics to potted plants that yield unique items if the plant is properly maintained.[3]

One of the big directives for the environment team- and I know Mia has been amazing in this regard- is each of the biomes really need to have a a fairly eclectic selection of plant life, of vegetation, of foliage. These help to create the atmosphere that you are really immersed in this different climate zone and that that's obviously something that we as players enjoy when we get to see a significant diversity of plant life, because it does lend itself to the immersive nature of the world.[4]Steven Sharif


Gatherable mushrooms found in an underground cave.[5]

Gatherable resources (also known as raw materials and harvestables) occur in locations where you would expect them to be organically.[6]

  • Some resources will be one-time gatherables that will randomly respawn at a different location once collected.[7][8]
  • Other resources will exist as a cluster (also called vein gatherables). These will last until the full resource is depleted.[7][8][6]
    Like a large mine that's present and has a vein of mithril ore in it, or a herd of some type of animal that you can collect fur or wool from.[8]Steven Sharif
    • There will be moving resources such as herds of animals that are constantly moving around the world.[9]
    • Once a resource is depleted from one location it may respawn in the same location or somewhere else, depending on the type of resource.[8][6][9]
    • Resources respawn on a cooldown basis.[6]
  • Resources won't be locked to the node system.[6]
  • Some unique resources may be monsters in disguise or have monsters defending them.[10]

We want our players to have a reason to explore the wilderness, to travel with purpose, and much of that will be driven by our resource system. Transporting these goods might just be more difficult than gathering them. Our regional market system allows players to participate in creating pocket economies that will reinforce the stability of goods in particular regions.[11]

We really want resources to be persistent and non-renewable. If there’s a mithril vein, that mithril vein will be there until it runs out. The server will manage these amounts on its own, and will repopulate things where and when it desires. You might find another mithril vein in that location sometime later, or somewhere nearby, or maybe never again![12]

Players drop resources and other items upon death, based on their applicable death penalties.[13][14][15][16]

Raw materials (gatherable resources) are not to be confused with crafting materials (processed goods).[17][18]

Ресурсы Подземного мира

Ресурсы в Подземном мире будут отличаться.[19]

  • Это повлияет на профессии Земледелие и Животноводство.
  • Поскольку у игроков может быть только один Надел, то, если они хотят разместить его в Подземном мире, им следует соответствующим образом выбирать свою ремесленную специализацию.


Players may grow crops in the garden sections of their player housing.[3][21]

Farmable crops have applications beyond basic food items.[22]

There won't be a breeding/genetic modification mechanic associated with crops.[23]

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