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Guild war features are currently still in the design stage, but the overall goal is for guild wars to be objective-based with great risk for each side.[1]

  • Guild war objectives are designed to be more fluid than castle siege objectives.[2]
  • Guild wars will not be permanent. Definitive victory conditions exist that are based on the level of the warring guilds and the assets that those guilds have.[3]

I can't really define exactly what those features are yet because that design stage is still up in the air from a discussion standpoint. There's a lot of different ideas that relates to how those two can come into play, but I will say that in every MMO I've ever played guild wars are very binary. They're very like 'Okay you've declared, you have a number of kills to deaths and the guild war's over, thank you...' My objective to kind of change that dynamic is to include greater risk for the sides to initiate the war and also to make it more objective-based than just a binary kill death ratio; and the fortresses and guild halls come into that type of facilitating that change.[1]Steven Sharif

Objectives spawn in the world based on the level of the guild war and the assets available to the guilds, whether it be a guild hall or guild fortress.[1] There will be default objectives and then there'll be objectives that relate to the activities that a Guild has participated in.[2]

  • For example, if a guild has recently become owners of a guild hall on a freehold, objectives might be related to capturing a quest item in or around the guild hall that is only visible to the warring guild. Capturing this objective may require channeling time.[2]
  • There might be objectives to steal one of the quest items that the guild may have received from completing a raid.[2]
  • There may be bounty objectives to kill a particular guild member. The target may have increased damage mitigation and/or health against the warring guild and can call for help.[2]

If you have a guild hall and a certain type of guild war is declared that is maybe a higher stakes kind of war, some of those objectives will be centralized either at your guild hall, at the opponent's guild hall; could be a progression step towards the guild hall. It might be a specific a period of time that accumulates into into a central battle at the guild hall for an objective.[1]Steven Sharif

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[4]

Server prime-time

Objective-based events such as Осады узлов, Castle sieges, Guild wars, and Node wars will occur within a prime-time window somewhere between 3PM and 9PM server time. This is subject to testing.[5][6][7]

Guild war mechanics

Guild war mechanics include.[8]

  • A war declaration period.[8]
  • Objective based components.[8]
  • Victory and surrender conditions.[9]
  • Guilds may war multiple guilds/alliances at a time.[9]
  • Guild wars operate outside the PvP flagging system.[9]

We're taking guild politics to a whole new direction in regards to playing those conflicts out.[10]Steven Sharif

Guild fortresses

Guild fortresses are siegable guild halls within Ashes of Creation. These are different from nodes and castles.[11]

  • Guild fortresses are objectives in guild wars.[1] These are contested on a regular basis.[12]
  • The developers will decide if guild fortresses will be implemented in the game or shelved.[12]

The fortress design is also something that might be on the shelf. We haven't decided yet. We're going to look into it, but the idea behind the fortress is that this is a competitive kind of guild hall so to speak where you have to contend for it on a regular basis so to speak; or can be taken from you necessarily. Whereas the guild hall is a structure similar to freehold structure can only be taken through successful sieges against a node per-se are not taken but destroyed.[12]Steven Sharif

Guild ladder

An inter-guild ladder will rank guilds based on their performance within competitive activities:[13][14]

When the guild participates in guild wars or they participate in sieges, you'll be able to climb the ranks of your inter-guild ladder as well so you get bragging rights amongst your friends.[14]Steven Sharif

PvP seasons

Performance in various PvP systems (such as Караваны, Arenas, Guild wars) is measured over the course of 6 month PvP seasons. At the end of each season, a player's cumulative score may unlock various rewards.[15][16]

Gear enhancement rewards

Gear enhancements (power stones/runes) can be applied to weapons to add elemental or energy types of damage.[17][18]

We are very likely going to have a rune system and then we'll have the ability to sort of enchant weapons outside of that too... That's not always going to be like a vertical progression... Some of it's going to be giving up something to get something else; so maybe I do less physical damage but more magical damage, that kind of thing.[18]Джеффри Бард

It's not as though you're going to necessarily acquire these once and then you're set for your PvP enchantments, but instead you'll have to continually perform month after month in order to keep having those slotted enchantments.[20]Steven Sharif

Guild alliances

Guild leaders can create an alliance at a certain level by completing a quest.[21]

  • Once created, the leader can invite up to three other guilds to this alliance, but this is subject to change.[22][21]
  • A guild may only be a member of one alliance.[23]
  • There is no member cap in an alliance, only a maximum of four guilds.[21]
  • Guild leaders will be able to pool resources into a guild alliance bank.[24]
  • There will be alliance specific quest lines.[24][25]
  • Alliance members will share a common chat channel.[24][25]
  • Alliances will have affiliations and gear that can be attained.[24]
  • Guilds may enter into trade agreements.[25]

You can only invite a number of guilds to the alliance before you must form a new alliance; and then those alliance can have a de facto friendship but they won't have any game component of connection. What the alliance system would allow is pooling of resources into by guild leaders into an alliance guild alliance bank. Will allow certain participation in different quest lines. It will allow common area chat for members and it will allow affiliations and gear that can be attained as well.[24]Steven Sharif

We have a specific system that relates to being able to invite another guild into an alliance that sets a flag on those characters with regards to being able to combat them, being able to share a chat system with them, being able to participate in specific types of quests and/or alliance warehouses and guild homes; with regards to the relationship of castle sieges and participating in node warfare and node activities. If you're not in an alliance with someone, you're in a neutral state so to speak. You can have trade agreements between different guilds and then you can also have Guild Wars which shows a state of war between you guys. I think that's the baseline of how we're going to develop interaction between guilds.[25]Steven Sharif

Due to the lack of fast travel, guilds will need to plan to have people in the right place at the right time. Alliances with other guilds will help enable that.[26]

There's going to be some mechanics at play that could have even Alliance Wars so to speak: A war between guilds and a war between alliances maybe. When we delve into the blog about Guild Wars we're going to talk about alliances.[27]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation получит особенный контент, сфокусированный вокруг альянсов.[28]

Контент направленный конкретно на альянсы и их развитие; и способность делиться некоторыми общими сервисами между гильдиями которые являются частью этого альянса. Я думаю что выгодно будет дать альянсам дополнительную возможность выставлять определённые отноения с узлами в качестве взаимодействия. Это предоставит интересную динамику игрокам которые являются жителями конкретного узла с которым определены отношения или членами альянса. Так что я думаю что, очевидно, построение систем состоит из создания каналов благодаря которым игроки смогут формировать связи и чем больше слоев вокруг таких каналов построения связей между разными гильдиями и игроками, тем более сильно поддерживаются такие отношения.[28]Steven Sharif


Дерево принадлежности определяет, какие сущности могут участвовать в атаках против других сущностей в своей иерархии.[29][30]

Есть узловое гражданство. Есть гильдия. Есть альянс. Вечеринка. Есть рейд. Есть семья. Все эти типы принадлежности имеют иерархию. Самая высокая из них — это ваша принадлежность к узлу: Таким образом, ваше гражданство — это ваша самая большая взаимосвязь между эти узлы, члены этих узлов будут в первую очередь гражданами, которые защищают этот узел даже от членов своей гильдии.[29]Steven Sharif

Все эти вещи имеют некоторую иерархию; и внутри этой иерархии есть возможность участвовать в определенных системах. Так, например, если у вас есть узел, который попал под ваше вассальное состояние, и вы являетесь гражданином родительского узла, то вы можете участвовать в осаде против вассального узла, но если вы являетесь гражданином вассального узла, вы не мог участвовать в качестве атакующего против родительского узла; так что есть иерархия, если только вы не откажетесь от своего гражданства.[30]Steven Sharif

Siege participation

Non-registered combatants are not permitted on the siege field in castle or node sieges.[31]

  • Players may choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they are registered.[34][37]
    • Non-registered guilds are not granted the ability to take ownership of the castle if victorious.[34]

Lower level characters will have usefulness in mass combat that does not depend on their level, such as manning siege weapons, helping repair fortifications, bringing proximity-based buffs to key positions, using stealth or scaling walls. These types of things are relevant to the tide of battle and do not require the player to be max-level or have high combat stats.[39]

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