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«Легендарный» в Ashes of Creation относится к:

Предметы легендарного качества

There is a small RNG chance of looting rare and legendary items or crafting materials from mobs based on the level, status and type of mob. This also applies to harvesting resources with a gathering profession.[4]

At each stage from Gatherer to Processor to Crafter you are required to have certain prerequisites before those elite types of materials can be essentially gathered, processed, or crafted.[6]Steven Sharif

The amount of effort needed and interdependencies across the different types of players – between raiders and PvPers and crafters and even role players and the taverns and businesses: the processors and gatherers – all of those systems will likely have a component that lends toward creating or crafting that legendary item... We want to stay away from the highly RNGd system, and instead take our multiple progression paths that we are offering the players and put the construction components for achieving these legendary items within them so it encourages communities to work together because it's going to be difficult for just one person by themselves to gather everything. Not to say that they couldn't in an economic sense, by buying those components, that's possible. But achieving them from a time investment standpoint we want it to be considerably less RNG focussed.[7]Steven Sharif

Certain legendary items may be limited to one per server at any given time.[9][10]

  • If the player character leaves the server then the item will become available for acquisition through whatever means it was acquired previously.[9]

There are absolutely legendary items and they're not items that are attained easily nor are they granted out in a volume. There might even be items that are single items that will exist on the server at any given time.[10]

A legendary weapon is easily distinguished by its visual appearance.[7]

It will be a very ornate and detailed weapon, more so than any other weapon or piece of equipment in the game. It will also include some awesome looking effects that won't too gaudy, they won't be too bright and shiny so that it doesn't look good, but they will be subtle and people will notice it and know wow that guy has this weapon.[7]Steven Sharif

Legendary items are not intended to be temporary.[11]

The fact there is only one of them... or very very few of them depending on what it is. I think that in and of itself is a balance component right and you need to make sure that the players who are striving for those legendary things and who are devoting the time energy, resources in order to achieve them are accurately rewarded... We do not intend on having legendary items that are temporary.[11]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngНекоторая из приведенной ниже информации не была подтверждена разработчиками и может не входить в текущую дорожную карту разработки.

Discovery of legendary items will unlock further chapters of the История мира.[13]

Список предметов легендарного качества

info-orange.pngВ этом разделе содержится информация из тестирования Alpha-1. Он будет обновляться по мере поступления новой информации.
Item Icon Type Tier Set Rarity Level requirement Source Cost
Plate Belt of Dragons Protection PlateBeltIcon.png Belt Dragon's Protection Легендарный 15 Crafted items
Plate Boots of Dragons Protection PlateBootsIcon.png Boots Dragon's Protection Легендарный 15 Crafted items
Plate Cussies of Dragons Protection PlatePantsIcon.png Pants Dragon's Protection Легендарный 15 Crafted items
Plate Gauntlets of Dragons Protection PlateGlovesIcon.png Gloves Dragon's Protection Легендарный 15 Crafted items
Radiant Glint Glint Легендарный
Transcendent Plate Helm PlateHelmIcon.png Helmet Transcendent Легендарный 15 Crafted items


Reliquary concept art.[14]

Each city has what's called a reliquary and the reliquary begins to spawn unique items for the citizens to take advantage of based on the performance, progression and achievements that those citizens have within the world. So if your citizens are part of downing a world boss or completing a dungeon in a record time or crafting a legendary item or whatever: all of these different types of progression paths for the cities could result in the production of a relic that exists within the reliquary.[15]Steven Sharif

Реликвии are achievements for a node that unlock over time. They allow node citizens to craft certain legendary items and progress in certain legendary quest lines.[16][17]

Relics are embodiments of certain types of achievements. You may have the scale of a dragon that's been defeated- the all-scale aspect of it- and from that every week a citizen might be able to derive one scale material component that can be used across a plethora of high-end types of crafting.[16]Steven Sharif
  • Relics automatically manifest in the node's reliquary when specific conditions are met by that node. For example, it may require a certain number of citizens to accomplish a particular achievement a number of times before the relic is granted to the node.[16][15]
Let's say for example there is a dragon nearby and this dragon is a large raid boss; and the number of citizens that the node has that participates in that raid the first time- if you have 30 citizens present you may not achieve the relic. And it's not a matter of capturing it at that location taking back to the city. It'll automatically manifest within the reliquary if a number of citizens accomplish a particular achievement a number of times necessary to create the relic. So if you only have 30 citizens present at that raid boss you may need to do that raid boss four or five six times in order to unlock the achievement which grants the relic in the reliquary. So it's essentially incentivizing the citizens to participate in the world events around the node.[16]Steven Sharif
The other component of relics that's important to note is that it's not just adventuring relics, these are accomplishments that span a lot of the different progression paths. So you could have accomplishments get unlocked by how many number of citizens achieve the creation of a particular type of item. You may have now an alchemical genius that is a citizen of your node and as a result there is an alchemical relic that's been granted to your reliquary in a similar fashion to the dragon.[16]Steven Sharif

Артефакты Древних

Посох Древних 3D визуализации.[33]

Это не посох Древних как таковой, Здесь, в кривизне и дизайне этого посоха, вы увидите, что он имеет очень специфический и уникальный вид формы, поэтому -говорить. Таким образом, может быть какая-то связь между этими конструкциями посохов и/или оружия, которые вы увидите, которые используются для использования или фокусировки использования Сущности или магии; и как, возможно, эти структуры связаны с типами магии, которые используют эти существа. [33]Steven Sharif

Четыре Древних артефакта Верра были обнаружены Король Атраксом в его поисках силы Сущности.[28][29] Эти артефакты были тесно связаны с Сущностью на Верре из-за их близости к силовым линиям Сущности, разбросанным по всему миру.[30] Эти артефакты изначально хранились в подземелье Фаллоу-холд, которое является одним из великих подземелий Ashes of Creation, расположенным недалеко от столицы древней империи Торен, Торалла.[30]

  • Считалось, что «Золотая чаша» приносит вечную жизнь, но на самом деле она позволяла порче oманипулировать Сущностью проникать в душу через физическое представление питья чего-либо. [28]
  • Корона представляла собой прямую связь Древних с мыслительным процессом короля Атракса, которым Древние могли манипулировать.[28]
  • Меч принес необычайную силу за счет манипулирования злой стороной Сущности, и именно так Атракс поддерживал свое господство над своим народом: посредством физической силы, по сути, сокрушая любого врага, который противостоял ему среди его администрации.[28]
  • Посох позволил Атраксу распространять свою магию на большие расстояния, что позволило ему распространить свою силу и манипулировать на земли Верры и сохранить бдительность над своим королевством.[28]

Легендарные задания

Эпический and Легендарный quests affect the narrative of the game.[2] These quests will unlock gated content.[34]

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