Вьючные животные

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Вьючные животныеездовые животные, помогающие в перевозке товаров, ресурсов и собранных материалов, повышающие переносимый объём игрока.[2] Вьючные животные перевозят значительно меньше товаров, чем караван.[3]

После смерти игрока включается таймер, по истечении которого его вьючное животное исчезнет. Чтобы собрать с него добычу, другие игроки должны успеть убить его за это время.[4]

Если вьючное животное игрока будет убито, то с его трупа можно будет собрать такой же процент добычи, что и с игрока (основанный на его PvP-статусе).[4][5]

List of mule mounts

info-orange.pngВ этом разделе содержится информация из тестирования Alpha-1. Он будет обновляться по мере поступления новой информации.


Moonstrider Mule mount color schemes.

Many species of mules will be breedable.[6]

  • There will be smaller mules.[7]

Carrying capacity

Personal inventory limits[9][10] are tied to a backpack.[11] Material and gatherable items are subject to quantity rather than weight limits. Караваны and Вьючные животные are intended to be the primary mode of transportation of goods beyond these limits.[12][13]

  • Караваны will have carrying capacity limits and customizable stats, such as defensive points, speed and number of hired NPC guards.[15]
    • In addition to expanded inventory capacity, caravans also provide ancillary benefits relating to successfully completing trade routes and other quests.[16]

Inventory capacity will be relatively limited for new characters.[16]

Players will have the ability to locate items that they have stored in various locations (such as personal storage and node warehouses).[18]

We want you to know where the things are; and then the meaningful aspect of that thing is traveling to those locations to access some of those things, particularly as it relates to materials and raw gatherables.[18]Steven Sharif

Item stacks will in general have quantity limits based on the type of item.[12]

  • The stacking limit of potions might be one hundred. The stacking limit of food items might be 999 or 1000.[12]

Items transported by caravan must be stored in crates.[19]

  • The higher quality the crate, the greater its capacity.[19]
  • Crates will be required to transfer supplies between caravans and storage points.[19]
  • Crates are a potential design idea that will undergo testing and iteration during Alpha-2.[19]
Transported goods by caravan require crate capacity first and then can translate into storage capacity within a warehouse inventory management system or a personal inventory bag management system.[19]Steven Sharif


Storage points exist at warehouses within nodes and in chests (storage containers) that can be placed in freeholds and static in-node housing.[21][22]


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