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User interface

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Alpha-2 UI customization.[1]

The UI implementation will be highly customizable, whether it be from resizing, a movement, recoloring, different types of UI flavors that will be presented and offered to players as well. We want to have a very very robust UI system so we know that that's something that's more personally oriented in people's preferences rather than something that can be a one-size-fits-all.[2]Steven Sharif

The Ashes of Creation user interface (UI) and HUD is built with customization in mind, rather than being one-size-fits-all.[4][2][5]

  • Users will be able to quickly customize UI elements on-the-fly to suit the PvX nature of the game and different styles of combat.[4]
Customization of UI elements, especially there on the HUD is a top desired aspect of our UI team.[4]Steven Sharif
  • Users will be able to save and load UI profiles, such as switching to a custom UI profile for raids.[6]
One of the first things we did when we were starting to block in the very base features of our HUD editor was talking about saving and loading profiles. We're going to have options for, when I'm in a raid automatically change my UI to this UI.[6]Colby Marchi
  • The user interface in Alpha-2 will have options to support hover-over casting and double-tap application of AoE effects on the cursor location.[7]
One of the big goals of our UI team and our design team is to accommodate a whole host of different types of user options that they're capable of setting, because we all have different play styles; and in that regard those include things like hover-over casting, double-tap application of AoE effects on cursor location- just a lot of different options, because people like to play different ways.[7]Steven Sharif
It's very important to note that in Alpha 1 you are not going to see a solid UI presentation and that's because our UI currently is still very placeholder very work-in-progress.[8]Steven Sharif


Табличка с именем персонажа

Табличка с именем персонажа отображается над его головой.[10]

  • Она может состоять из имени и, опционально, фамилии.[10]
  • Рядом с именем персонажа отображается название его гильдии.[11]
  • Табличка с именем игрока будет «повреждаться», показывая, сколько урона он получил.[12][13][14]
  • Класс персонажа будет отображаться на иконке.[15]
  • При наведении курсора мыши на табличку с именем будет отображена такая информация как уровень, название класса и комбинация архетипов.[15]
  • Иконка усиления будет показывать тип снаряжения игрока и его качество.[15][16][17]

Тип призванного существа будет отображаться на табличке с именем над существом. Игроки не смогут менять эту опцию.[18]

Character naming

Characters will have a first-name and an optional surname (last name).[19]

  • There is a minimum length of three for a character name.[21]
  • Special characters, including apostrophes and hyphens, are currently not allowed in character names.[22]
Currently we don't allow special characters in character names (including apostrophes and/or hyphens). It's possible this changes in the future.[22]Ry Schueller

Character names will appear on the character sheet and optionally on the character website page.[10]

  • In-game a character's name is displayed above their head. This can be the first or last name.[10]

Страница персонажа

A character web page (character sheet) will be available closer to live launch that shows the following:[23]

  • What a character looks like.[23]
  • Achievements and server firsts.[23]
  • Info on a player's class.[23]
  • Character's back story via journal entries (that are shared publicly by the player).[24][25]
  • Traits can be applied that describe a character's history.[25]

You will have a unique homepage for each character and that homepage will be able to be customized by the user to display unique information. It will have a small out-of-game RPG component where you can construct background and traits and stuff like that.[25]Steven Sharif

The character page will be accessible in game by opening a browser through the UI.[24]

That's part of the character sheet desire for us which hopefully will be accessible in game as well by opening a browser through our UI where you can get back history of a character that that character has input themselves into journal entries that they may choose to share with others... For role play perspective we want people to be in depth with their characters.[24]Steven Sharif

The player can manage what info is shown on the character page.[23]

Friends list

A character may add another character to their friends list.[26]

  • In the future there may be a web-based or launcher-based capability to add an account as a friend, but this is not definite.[26]

Floating combat text

Alpha-2 Floating combat text work-in-progress UI.[27]

Damage you take, which is indicated in this red number, floats towards your left-hand side; and when you do damage to a target they float to your right-hand side. Now one of the very important aspects of these floating texts is providing the player with customization options that they can adjust the size of the floating text. They can adjust the color composition on how these texts are represented. They can also include damage icons to indicate the ability that's used for those floating texts; and importantly we also call out the crits that you do in a separate way: how they pop in they're slightly above the other number; and then more so, we also have additional functionality for cumulative damage.[27]Steven Sharif

Floating combat text shows damage taken, damage dealt, cumulative damage, crits, heals, XP gained, and other important combat indicators.[27]

  • Damage taken appears in red and floats to the left.[27]
  • Damage dealt appears in yellow and floats to the right.[27]
  • Crits appear larger and are slightly above the other numbers.[27]
  • XP appears in white and is slightly lower on the UI.[27]

Floating combat text is able to be customized by the player.[27][8]

Providing maximum flexibility and player customization options for these floating texts I think is super important.[27]Steven Sharif

Action bar

Игроки могут создавать своих персонажей с помощью активных навыков, которые они хотят, на панели действий.[29][30]

Очевидно, у вас будет несколько горячих панелей, потому что у вас будут расходные материалы, активные навыки и еще много чего. Но количество активных навыков не обязательно будет подавлять персонажа и не будет иметь значения, особенно на определенных этапах.[32]Steven Sharif

UI settings

Alpha-2 user interface settings work-in-progress UI.[36]

Player customization options are paramount when it comes to UI. That is a very subjective thing that we've all become- our own flavors we like out of certain components of the UI; and so instead of trying to force down the throat of our players a specific approach to UI, why do that when we can develop options and customization that the players can influence themselves: That includes color compositions, it includes text sizes, includes bolded, it includes options of which informations you're choosing to display, scaling.[37]Steven Sharif

User interface settings will have solid defaults along with detailed customization of Ashes of Creation for those who wish to customise their UI.[6][2][38][5]

Our mantra is really solid defaults, so most people won't need to touch anything, but then the customization for everybody who wants to.[6]Colby Marchi

Various display elements can be toggled on or off.[37]

Game settings allow players to fine tune performance to suit their preferences and hardware capabilities.[51][52][53]

  • Particle effects and rendering.[54]
  • Effects bloom and brightness.[51]
  • Effect elements and channels.[51]
  • Motion blur will be togglable on and off.[55]
We'll have certain features from a scalability setting standpoint that will allow players to even further tone down both the bloom and brightness of these types of effects has. Also in addition some of the elements and channels of those effects as well.[51]Steven Sharif

Gameplay actors, such as foliage density will not be able to be adjusted by players.[56]

  • Later stages of game polish will address quality-of-life issues, such as foliage blocking the player's camera.[57]
We will not allow players to to adjust the density of foliage actors in the world. That will be universal... There are going to be areas that are more dense than others. It's meant to be part of the a part of the world that players can utilize for certain purposes, like hiding in for PvP. However, there will be collision with those foliage actors and the player capsule. So as you might see that bush moving and think, "Huh that's odd. That doesn't look like wind. There must be something there." And that's the immersion that we want.[56]Steven Sharif

Accessibility settings

Будут настройки, которые помогут игрокам с цветовой слепотой.[58][59]

Camera settings

Цель состоит в том, чтобы обеспечить разнообразие вариантов установки камеры в Ashes of Creation.[60]

У нас нет масштабирования для перехода к виду от первого лица, потому что, когда вы переходите в режим от первого лица, требуется другой набор анимации для оружия — руки, которые вы видите перед собой, а у нас нет такой анимации. Поэтому мы сосредоточились на третьем лице.[62]Steven Sharif
В: Какое расстояние камеры Intrepid использует для боёв? (в стиле WoW или FF14)
О: Ближе к FF14. Мы хотим, чтобы у людей был широкий обзор, тем более что наши битвы будут очень масштабными. Мы хотим, чтобы люди могли визуально оценивать своё окружение.[63]Margaret Krohn
info-orange.pngНекоторая из приведенной ниже информации не была подтверждена разработчиками и может не входить в текущую дорожную карту разработки.

Control settings

Alpha-1 default keybindings.[66]

Players will be able to customize their keyboard control scheme in Ashes of Creation.[67]

Controller support

The Ashes of Creation MMO is not designed around controller support.[72]

Controller support will likely be something we work on closer to launch.[74]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation будет доступен на следующих языках: Английском, Французском, Немецком, Русском, Итальянском, Польском и Испанском.[75][76][77][78]

  • Ранее было заявлено, что будут поддерживаться Английский, Французский, Немецкий, Русский и Итальянский а позже будут добавлены Польский и Испанский языки.[76][79]
  • Другие языки рассматриваются в зависимости от интереса. [75][77][78]
  • Инструменты локализации пользовательского интерфейса доступны в окне чата.[80]

Ashes of Creation будет доступна на следующих языках: Английском, Французском, Немецком, Русском, Итальянском, Польском и Испанском. Хотя это может быть не окончательный список языков, которые мы поддерживаем, поскольку мы все еще изучаем, на какие другие языки игра может быть переведена.[75]

info-orange.pngНекоторая из приведенной ниже информации не была подтверждена разработчиками и может не входить в текущую дорожную карту разработки.

Сервера не будут привязаны к языку.[77]

  • В регионе ЕС могут быть отдельные сервера на основе типов языков..[76]

Карта мира

Обновлённая карта Ashes of Creation.[81]

Новая карта во всей своей красе, целых 1200 квадратных километров красы. Теперь на ней подписаны некоторые названия (немножко приоткрыли информацию о расположении части мест), но, конечно, остались и знакомые по прежней карте биомы. Что самое главное, это расположение континентов и островов, подчёркивающее определённые типы игровой торговли между континентами; они поддерживают важность движения караванов по земным массивам к областям, в которых теперь будут располагаться портовые зоны, которые на этой карте не отмечены… Важно было обеспечить большое количество морского прибрежного геймплея между этими зонами и торговыми маршрутами между сушей.[81]Steven Sharif

Первоначальная карта Ashes, которую мы составили десять лет назад в Pathfinder для World of Ashes. Само собой, учитывая, что мы разрабатываем MMORPG, пришлось внести определённые коррективы. Но два самых крупных континента сохранили много схожего с оригиналами, включая точки интереса на них.[82]Steven Sharif

В мире Верры будет представлена возможность просмотра внутриигровой карты мира. Эта карта не будет генерироваться случайным образом, и изначально будет закрыта «туманом войны».[83] Игроки не смогут увидеть сразу весь мир, для начала им придётся исследовать его или собирать о нём информацию. К тому же не вся информация может оказаться достоверной, поэтому игрокам придётся её проверять.[84]

Например, в таверне до вас может дойти слух о пещере, в которой живут слабые кобольды, но окажется, что это неправда, потому что слух распускала группа хорошо вооружённых бандитов, подстерегающих в этой самой пещере чересчур самонадеянных героев.[84]

После сбора информации или успешного исследования территории игроком, на карте отмечаются точки интереса.[85]

  • Эти точки интереса определяются развитием узла, и карта будет разниться от сервера к серверу, поскольку её внешний вид будет определяться действиями самих игроков.[85]
  • Интерфейс карты потенциально сможет включать в себя отметки, созданные персонажем, которые будут видны другим участникам его группы.[86]

Вдобавок к тому, что развитие узлов даст возможность влиять на облик карты, в зонах Ashes of Creation всегда найдётся контент для игроков любых уровней.[87]

На карте будут присутствовать географически обусловленные узкие проходы, образованные непроходимыми для игроков препятствиями, например, горами.[88]

Несмотря на то, что мы придерживаемся концепции открытого мира, не значит, что с точки зрения дизайна, особенно учитывая то, как устроена наша экономическая система, мы не будем создавать географически обусловленных узких проходов.[88]Steven Sharif


В Alpha-1 присутствует внутриигровой интерфейс для функций мини-карты и компаса.[89][90]

  • Наша цель — позволить игрокам общаться посредством мини-карты, например, сигнализируя на ней.[91]

In-game chat

Text chat channels

Alpha-1 work-in-progress chat interface.[92]

We are working on a new chat log! The new log includes tabs for general, party, siege, guild, and more![92]

In-game text chat channels.
Channel Command
Local chat.[93][94] /say.[95]
Shout.[93][94] /yell.[95]
Party.[93][94][93][94] /party.[95]
Private message (PM).[93][94][96] /tell (playername).[95]
Node citizen chat.[97][98][93][94][99]
Global (Enabled for Alpha-1 testing).[95] /global.[95]
info-orange.pngНекоторая из приведенной ниже информации не была подтверждена разработчиками и может не входить в текущую дорожную карту разработки.

Voice communications

In-game voice communication channels.
Channel VOIP Proximity-based
Open-world.[100] - No.[100]
Party.[101][102] Yes.[103][102] No.[103]
Raid.[101][102] Yes.[103][102] No.[103]
Guild.[102] Yes.[102] No.[103]
Tavern voice chat.[84] Yes.[84] Maybe - based on testing.[103]
Marketplaces/Stall districts.[103] - Maybe - based on testing.[103]
Dungeons (limited rooms).[103] - Maybe - based on testing.[103]
Точки интереса.[103] - Maybe - based on testing.[103]

Voice chat will have fully functional mute and chat preferences.[102]

Chat bubbles

Chat bubbles will be able to be toggled on or off by players. There will be options to manage the bubbles to reduce visual clutter.[104][105]

We do want to include chat bubbles. We do want to include a host of options that will allow you to manage those bubbles so you can turn them on, you don't see just a field of bubbles.[105]Jeffrey Bard

Voice controls

Raid and party leaders are able to control Voice chat.[86][106]

  • Toggle (global) mute on the entire raid.[106]
  • Define who has global speech capacity across the entire raid.[107]
  • Granting administrative functions to raid and party members.[86]

If you are joined in raid where you have multiple squads that have connected into a raid for the castle sieges, the leaders of those squads will be able to communicate across all members of squad. So let's say you have five teams of four, for a total of twenty people within a particular raid... there are five that have global speech capacity; and then in those individual parties they'll also have their own inter-voice communication. So party leader will be able to hear their party members and the party members will hear each other, but they'll also be able to hear other party leaders speak as well.[107]Steven Sharif

Tavern communications

Taverns offer private chat and voice communications for all patrons within the building.[84]

  • Tavern proximity voice chat may be available based on testing.[103]

User interface commands

info-orange.pngВ этом разделе содержится информация из тестирования Alpha-1. Он будет обновляться по мере поступления новой информации.
Command Function
/say Chat command.[95]
/party Chat command.[95]
/yell Chat command.[95]
/global Chat command.[95]
/tell (playername) Chat command.[95]
/roll Simulates a dice roll.[108]
/e, /emote, /me[109] Textual emote.[110] Example: /me chuckles
Invite a character to join your guild.[111]
Add a character to your friends list.[111]


The issue with macros is that from an anti cheat metric perspective it's difficult to define what a macro is against a script. And in order to catch all scripts sometimes you have to prevent the macro usage. So really that's a that's a data issue. If we allow for macros then we lose our ability to precisely ban script users, botters.[112]Steven Sharif

Редактор персонажа

Scars in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[113]

The cool thing about this character creator is that it's not just intended for your character. It has application with NPCs that you might hire.[114]Steven Sharif

We're gonna use similar tech for implementing things like Animal husbandry.[115]Zachary Mallet

Кэлар Alpha-2 character creation (first pass).[116]

This tech is 100% created in-house at Intrepid and is not metahuman.[117]Steven Sharif

We'll be adding many, many more customization options to the character creator.[118]Cody Peterson

The character creator (or character customization system) allows players to define the look of their in-game characters, hired Неигровые персонажи; and potentially creatures raised by the animal husbandry profession.[114][119]

The Ashes of Creation character creator is 100% developed in-house by Intrepid Studios and is not MetaHuman.[117]

Additional character creator features include.

  • There will be unlockable features for character customization.[123]
You have that scar because you participated in this siege, or these many sieges; or you have this tattoo because of your of a cultural background, or because of a quest that was accomplished where you're able to get that.[123]Steven Sharif
  • The ability to save and potentially to share characters with other players.[113][124]
The beauty of it is that you can save your character- and we already have some of those features available- and load them; and in the future we want people to be able to share those characters amongst each other.[113]Margaret Krohn
  • The ability to undo changes (Ctrl + Z) will be supported, including undoing changes that were made several edits earlier.[125][126]
  • Choosing base idle animations of characters will be possible in future.[127]
    • Certain animations, such as blinking, will be present when they don't interfere with the customization process.[128]
  • Adjusting the background scene and lighting is a planned feature.[128]
There's going to be a lot of environmental controls that are offered to the character creator so that people can set it up their scene the way they want to grab screenshots or to grab recordings or whatever they want to do.[129]Steven Sharif
  • Asymmetry in terms of manipulating different components of the body or different body features such as hair, beard, and eyes.[130]
Asymmetry is going to be functionality that's possible in manipulating either different components of the body or different features like hair. The beard we saw a little bit of that blending with highlights that you can do. Margaret talked a little bit about the eye asymmetry that you can include. Obviously those are going to exist within certain parameters that we want to define on a per-race basis, but it is something that we think is cool.[130]Steven Sharif
  • Body adornments, such as piercings will be possible within cultural limits.[131]
  • The developers are considering whether to allow custom tattoos to be uploaded by users.[132]

The aim is for the character creator to be on par if not much better than that of BDO.[133][134]

Аддоны и моды

Моё решение - не вводить ни аддоны, ни модификации для измерения урона. Я считаю что у нас приняты адекватные меры для предотвращения большинства потенциальных сторонних следящих программ. Я знаю что в этой темы есть голоса с обеих сторон и я уважаю разнообразные мнения, которые вы выражаете.[135]Steven Sharif

Аддоны/моды, включая аддоны для измерения DPS не будут разрешены в общем случае.[136]

  • Разработчики не хотят чтобы аддоны/моды были необходимы для игры.
  • Дизайн API игры до сих пор рассматривается.[137]
  • Будет доступна интеграция со стриминговыми сервисами, такими как Twitch и некоторые другие, но пока что интеграция не будет доступна через API.[138]
  • Разработчики считают что парсеры (измерители DPS) могут иметь негативные эффекты.

Идея состоит в том чтобы внутриигровые системы предоставлялись только разработчиками... Я думаю, мы не хотим иметь возможность использования аддонов.[139]Steven Sharif

Будут присутствовать доски лидеров.[140]

Combat logs

There are combat logs in Ashes of Creation.[141]

We will be providing combat data for individual players in their chat window, that players can filter and analyze for themselves. The goal is to mitigate and make the practice less prevalent through the ease that DPS meters provide. Also to place actionable enforcement for players who attempt to circumvent the decision by use of 3rd party programs, for which we will be monitoring.[142]Steven Sharif

Emblem, logo and symbol editor

The user interface will allow emblems, logos and symbols to be designed in-game.[144][145][146]

Q: Do nodes provide their citizens some kind of clothes or ornaments, capes, tabards, or something that they can basically represent their node?
A: I mean technically the node does have a sigil or insignia and there will be certain armors that you can customize insignia and/or symbols on, so yes you could probably achieve that.[147]Steven Sharif

Mobile/web application

info-orange.pngНекоторая из приведенной ниже информации не была подтверждена разработчиками и может не входить в текущую дорожную карту разработки.

A companion app (mobile app/web interface) allows players who are not logged into the game to have authority over certain services and mechanics.[151][152] Some functionality may come post-launch.[153]

Specific dates that you can have running as reminders in your guild UI, this will also be something that I would like to be available on the mobile companion app as well. So essentially you can receive notifications via a calendar update on guild events that the leaders or the officers have the ability to pin within the game will also give you notifications on the mobile app as well. That's my intention at least.[157]Steven Sharif
Some of it may come post-launch... but we do want people to interact with the game on their phones when they're away from the computer; and we're going to do as much as we can to make that cool.[153]Jeffrey Bard

Logging out

There will be a logout delay to prevent players from immediately logging out of combat.[158]


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