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The name of the Ashes of Creation world is Verra.[1]

Verra was created to house four separate... divine races and they're called divine races because the remaining seven gods imbued their characteristics within each of these different races. They didn't put all of them into one and make the same mistake. They had focuses really that these races took essentially.[2]Steven Sharif

The world of Verra is not flat,[3] but it cannot be circumnavigated.[4]

The Verran planet is not flat. You may not see a curvature on the horizon in this, but from a lore perspective the universe in Verra does adhere to some basic physics and laws of physics that we experience in the real world, which means it is not flat.[3]Steven Sharif
There will not be world wrapping in Ashes of Creation.[4]Steven Sharif


История создания рассказывает нам о расе существ, известных как Древние, созданных по образу и подобию бывших Десятерых. Десятеро наделили одну расу всеми своими качествами и велели присматривать за сотворёнными существами. Древние набирались сил, и среди Десятерых рос раскол в отношении того, что делать с их новым творением. Трое из Десятерых отделились от остальных и решили передать Древним секрет эссенции. Когда Семеро узнали об этом, разразилась великая небесная война. Вы наблюдаете за тысячелетиями непрекращающихся битв в небесном королевстве. Говорят, именно эта война и создала звёзды и небесные просторы, которые мы видим сегодня. Каждый удар, которыми обменивались Десятеро, давал жизнь новой звезде. Когда битва завершилась, Иные и Древние оказались изгнаны Семерыми в Пустоту. Семеро осознали свою ошибку и решили разделить свои качества на четыре расы вместо одной. Так появились люди, эльфы, орки и гномы. Вы наблюдаете за тем, как Семеро сотворили Верру и поместили каждую из рас на свою территорию. История подходит к концу, и вы замечаете вдалеке тёмный силуэт, приближающийся к вам до тех пор, пока чернота не заполняет всё ваше поле зрения. Вы просыпаетесь в холодном поту, как после кошмара.[5]Стивен Шариф

The essence is a stream that exists across all planes of existence, but it exists at different levels of strength essentially at different levels that can be utilized; and the void is the furthest... There is a very minute amount of essence that can be found within the void. However the planes of existence that are in Ashes of Creation- they are connected across bridges created by the essence. So these ley-lines in a sense that exist within the different planes provide conduits of access and on Verra, which was a planet that was made after the ancient- the celestial battle.[2]Steven Sharif

The Essence is a metaphysical energy or life-force (Chi) that can be manipulated to create what could be viewed as magic. There are different planes of existence (realms) with varying degrees of strength (of magic), determined by their proximity to the Essence. The planes of existence in Ashes of Creation are connected across bridges created by the Essence.[6][2]

  • The Gods exist on the plane of the gods, which is the most connected to the Essence.[2]
  • The material plane is not the highest in terms of proximity to the Essence. Verra exists in the material plane.[2]
  • The Void is the plane that is the furthest from being connected to the Essence. Only a minute amount of essence can be found within the Void.[2]
  • There hasn't been a definitive understanding of how many planes of existence there are.[6]

Souls acting as conduits is a very integral component of some broader features in the storyline. If you think about souls being a conduit for Essence and you think of the gods as masters of the Essence: If you think of the Essence being separate from the Gods- let's say they're parallel to eachother- one didn't create the other, but they coexist in this almost symbiotic form with one another; almost to the point where their manipulation of the Essence is perfection: They can perfectly manipulate it and lesser beings; and I say 'lesser' in a sense of their alignment or closeness to Essence. They're still perfecting that manipulation and some never achieve perfection almost to the degree of ascendency or enlightenment- Essence being that sort of Chi that exists. In that regard, when a perfect being such as the gods- and I'm not saying 'perfect' as the correlation between sin and not sin, I'm thinking perfect in the sense of how you can control and manipulate the Essence: That control is perfection for them.[6]Steven Sharif

When you think about souls being a conduit, what are conduits used for? Conduits are passages; they're methods by which Essence can travel between realms, between planes. And there hasn't been any definitive understanding of just how many planes exist. We understand that there is a disparity between the planes when it comes to their connection to the Essence, and because Essence is so powerful; and it flows through these planes almost like a river. You can think that conduits help to maintain that flow and/or even exaggerate the flow; and there might be something at play, that I don't wanna touch necessarily, as to why one would want to create these types of conduits, these souls, this creation on the material plane: Something of significance.[6]Steven Sharif

Souls are the conduits for The Essence to travel between the different planes of existence. This idea is an integral component of the broader features in the storyline.[6]

  • The gods are masters of the Essence, but they are separate from it. One didn't create the other, but they exist together in a symbiotic form; where the gods have achieved an almost perfect manipulation of the Essence and of "lesser beings" who exist further from the Essence.[6]
  • The Essence is so powerful it flows through the planes almost like a river. Soul conduits help to maintain or even exaggerate this flow. Detail surrounding this has not yet been revealed but is said to have some significance in the story.[6]
  • Король Атракс was the first ruler of Verra to discover the purpose of The Essence, allowing the manipulation of matter and exploitation of magic for any means.[7]
  • The Тульнар have souls and these souls act as conduits for the Essence.[8]

During the Apocalypse, Древние created monstrosities and perverted nature with corruption, which is the negative aspect of The Essence.[9]

  • Shape-shifting (changeling) is done so through the Essence by focusing on that specific type of magic.[10]
Any form of changeling or shape shifting that's capable is done so through the Essence. There’s a few ways that a soul can become attuned to a specific type of magic in manipulating the Essence; and overtime as you manipulate the Essence in the same way, your soul can start to develop a tendency to gravitate towards that type of magic. So in that sense- those shape shifters and/or changelings that are capable of changing their form- they do so because they have mastered to a degree that type of magic; and their souls have become attuned to that type of magic.[10]Steven Sharif
  • Древние themselves are more sedentary in their physical form and less capable of instantaneous shapeshifting. Their physical manifestations as Lieutenants, captains, generals, and raid bosses were honed over time due to their perversion of the Essence through corruption.[10]
They are literally bred into a role and that role has perfected over time because through the delineation of specific subsects of the soul of the conduit that this race has, those different castes become attuned to different roles. That's why they are traditionally in a caste society.[10]Steven Sharif
Player death animation (WIP).[11]

The lore behind how death and resurrection exists within Ashes of Creation is the concept of this Avatar of the Phoenix being represented of the Goddess of Creation, from which all life on this plane has has come from essentially... Because when you do get reborn it's that connection with your soul to the essence that binds you with the Goddess of Creation that brings that spark of the of that Avatar of the Phoenix back and brings you to life through that manipulation of the essence. So this is a little update on the ash effect.[11]Steven Sharif

As players enter into the world of Verra they are empowered with the spark of life that comes from the Goddess of Creation. This spark houses a portion of what represents their soul and their conduit to The Essence.[11][12][13] When a player dies they disintegrate into ashes, in accordance with the mythology of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that is associated with the celestial avatar of the Goddess of Creation, the phoenix.[11][12]

  • The ash pile conveys the location of the body, so that the player may be selected for resurrection.[11]
  • The ash pile is also interractible to allow players to loot any dropped items.[11][12]
  • This effect applies to players and not mobs.[11]

The reason for why respawning occurs, as you guys know, the avatar of the Goddess of Creation is the phoenix; and the phoenix obviously has some very stable mythological lore to it with regards to the cycle of life and death and rebirth; and that type of thing. As you enter into the world of Verra you are in a way empowered with the spark of life that comes from the Goddess of Creation herself, and in that sense you're able to house a portion of what that represents in your soul and your... conduit to the essence.[12]Steven Sharif


The Verdant Keeper

Shadeless Tree Tavern pre-order pack cosmetic freehold building skin.[15]

While many families have humble gatherings amongst themselves during this time of the year, the Shadeless Tree is an ancient, venerated establishment that wishes to spread this joy to weary travelers. Here, merchants, adventurers, and citizens bereft of a place to be for the Verdant Keeper's feast may stay, exchanging stories, singing songs, and making friends. Though an already lively place to be, during the Keeper's celebrations the tavern is especially alight with joy and many are urged to join in the festivities - provided they do not rock the tavern, so to speak.[15]

The Verdant Keeper... are a sect of people that keep track of all the things that are necessary to have successful crops and to grow things and to make sure that the cultivation of these things allows a society or civilization to keep growing. So in the transition from Verra to Sanctus these people had to kind of relearn how to grow things without magic. There were druid like people before and now we kind of have to go to this place where there's no magic to support those things. So they spend their time learning about the world and learning about it in sort of a scientific way and keeping track of all of these seasons of the different years, of the decades, of the centuries that go by to sort of create a map for themselves and for the civilizations that they support: Kind of a means to be successful in growing crops and keeping people healthy and happy.[16]Джеффри Бард

As the months come and go, and the hand of winter looms over the land, various farmers of Verra take time to celebrate the fortune granted to them by the Verdant Keeper. Hearths are stoked, candles are lit, and fragrant delicacies are prepared. A massive celebration of food and drink takes place, marking the culmination of their hard work and preparation for the harsh, cold months to come. Should the celebrations go well, they say the Keeper will bless the next spring with a brand new harvest, ready to be plucked.[17]


Ashes of Creation предоставит девять игровых рас.[18]

Верра - мир с богатыми и разнообразными культурами. Большая часть значимой истории мира прошла под управлением основными расами. Люди с побережий и полей, орки на холмах и болотах, эльфы в лесах и возле рек, и уважаемые гномы в горах. Эти расы сохранили превосходство путём бесчисленных войн и схваток с малыми расами Верры. Между этими вспышками насилия могли проходить десятилетия. В мире Верры есть множество малых рас. Некоторые из них живут в деревнях или племенами. Большие деревни малых рас состоят в основном из гигантов, менее значимых обществ людей, гномов и халфлингов. Не традиционных полуросликов, а именно полукровок различных рас.[20]Стивен Шариф

В тёмных местах мира живут страшные и мерзкие создания. Большие церкви цивилизованного мира часто отправляют героев государства уничтожать такие угрозы. На Верре существуют четыре большие нации. Это примерно за 25 лет до падения: Эланская Империя, Пирийское королевство, Протекторат Кайвек и государство Дюнзенкелль. Наций не всегда было четыре. Прежде расы были разделены на множество других наций и городов-государств.[21]Стивен Шариф

За 7000 лет задокументированной истории было много войн. Некоторые за земли, другие за ресурсы, много за веру. Династии правителей пребывали у власти и свергались за эти годы. Некоторые давно уже утратили власть. В мире Верры существует множество городов-государств. Некоторые из них - самоуправляемые оплоты демократии и республики. Другие являются вассальными государствами, подчиняющимися сюзерену.[22]Стивен Шариф


World history

История каждого сервера будет отслеживаться и будет видна игрокам.[23]

Мы будем записывать историю мира для того, чтобы иметь возможность рассказать людям историю до сегодняшнего дня. Новый игрок, присоединившийся спустя полгода после старта, сможет посмотреть на каждый сервер, чего он достиг, в какую сторону двигался сюжет на сервере; и они смогут сами решить, к какому сообществу им присоединиться; в какой версии мира они хотели бы поучаствовать.[23]Джеффри Бард


At Village (stage 3) the scientific node's unique building is the Library. Players can use the Library to access information, including (but not limited to) the following:[24]

Reports of information to the library may expire after a period of time (say one week). After which new reports will be required to update the existing information.[25]

You'll get that shroud of war functionality for the week after a report but if it doesn't receive a follow-up report after that expiration period then it will not be updating real time.[25]Steven Sharif


Кэлар divine gateway concept art.

When this creation of Verra occurred, the Goddess of Fate and the Goddess of Creation were very close; and the Goddess of Fate essentially warned the Goddess of Creation- only the Goddess of Creation- that the Ancients and the Others- that they had not seen the last of them; and that there would be a time essentially when those forces would seek out and try to pervert the new creation as essentially a way to thumb their noses at the other gods in retribution for their defeat. So the Goddess of Creation created a separate planet Sanctus that she knew she could bridge with these Divine Gateways at a time when it was necessary for the descendants of Verra to escape their destruction.[2]Steven Sharif

Санктус is the world where the people of Verra found their sanctuary.[26]

A long long long time ago, everybody lived on a planet called Verra. Something cataclysmic happened that forced people from that world to another world called Sanctus. Verra is a place of really high magic. Sanctus is a place with no magic whatsoever. People escaped through these portals into the world of Sanctus. They had to rediscover technology, because so much of their current technology was based on magic, so they had to figure out how to interact with the world. Thousands and thousands of years go by. A long dark age passes. This history that I just told you falls into myth and legend. After this time passes, these portals reopen and the players are going to take the part of people who are coming through those portals once again back to the world of Verra to rediscover that magic, rediscover their history, and try to figure out what happened to this world to force them out of it.[28]Джеффри Бард

Sanctus is a key story arc, that will likely have very little revealed about it prior to the Betas.[27]Steven Sharif

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