2019-09-19 Blog: Otterly playful (Creation of the Tidebreaker) — различия между версиями

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|linkstoexternal = %ashesofcreation.com/news/2019-09-19-otterly-playful% ¦  %oJECkRdZXK4%  
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At first wary of strangers, the Tidebreaker would prove to be kind, loyal companions to those they were familiar with. Though the Tidebreaker cannot traverse a singularly wide stretch of land as a horse might, the Tidebreaker is nevertheless swift, and can pass through marshes and bodies of water far more efficiently than a horse. Their dense muscle is more than capable of supporting a rider, though they will make no small hassle if they are bereft of food, squeaking and chirping incessantly until their needs are met.


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